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Enaam Wins First Round of European CIK Karting Championship in La Conca, Italy

Enaam Shows Determination at Europeans

CIK European KFJ Championship. Round 1. La Conca, Muro Leccesse 9-11/5/ 14


The first round of the CIK European KFJ Championship was held at La Conca, Italy. One of the biggest races of the year with a very strong field of 134 drivers from 31 different nations. The Championship is spread over four rounds, and the eventual winner would have to display unfaltering talent, an iron will, and courage beyond their years. La Conca is a track Enaam Ahmed is very familiar with winning 5 finals in recent months. After consecutive victories in Sarno, and Ampfing, could the Boy Wonder make it a hatrick?

Rigid rules regarding tyres meant testing was very limited. However, Enaam had enough experience on the track to know what driving techniques and kart set to apply. Qualifying was going good until the closing laps when a driver slowed significantly causing Enaam to drop his pace. Finishing in 5th place meant Enaam would be starting 2nd in the heats. Starting 2nd meant Enaam would be on the outside for every heat thus making it more difficult to catch the pack, riskier for collisions to occur, and more vulnerable to being boxed in. pic2 pic1 pic3

As predicted the heats proved to be very challenging for Enaam. The tough starts meant he was always battling to work his way on the inside. In one heat he ended up in the tyre wall but he kept his cool and finished a respectful 14th. To make matters worse the CIK Officials changed the electronics on Enaam’s kart before the race causing them not to function correctly, and Enaam finished in 2nd place. Enaam placed in the heats 4th, 14th, 2nd, and 8th.   Fortunately others were having bad races aswell and thankfully Enaam would line up 5th on the Pre Final grid

Being placed on the inside filled Enaam with confidence as he executed a perfect start slotting himself into 2nd place and avoiding all crashes on the first corner. Trying desperately to catch the leader Devlin Defrancesco (USA), he soon realised Devlin’s lead was too wide and that 2nd position was looking inevitable. However, finishing 2nd would mean he would be placed on the outside of the grid in the Final . This would surely jeopardise his attempt to win the Final. What occurred next was either a masterful stroke, or mere coincidence. Enaam’s kart slowed down and fell back to 3rd position. Whether this was down to carburettor trouble, or a tactful manoeuvre only he knew the truth.

The plan for the Final was to start fast and attack early, hopefully building a wide lead. The race started and the plan worked to perfection. As they crossed the line to start Enaam went straight for the inside overtaking the American. An outstanding start which is difficult on this track. Pushing hard on new tyres Enaam opened up a considerable lead. Other drivers tried hard to close the gap but Enaam’s pace was simply too much as they faded back. Enaam managed to hold onto a constant 1 second gap. He crossed the line in spectacular fashion and was a very popular winner!


pic5 pic4 pic6

Many lessons were learnt this weekend by the Young Master particularly to never stop believing regardless of the circumstances. Obstacles are forever thrown in your direction, the challenge is how to overcome them, or failing that, how to make them work for you. A tough 3 weekends away had taken its toll on the team but 3 wins out of 3 made it worthwhile. Leading the European championship by 5 points Enaam can now recharge his batteries before the next round in 2 weeks at the Spanish circuit Zuera.


“Doubt is a pain too lonely to know that faith is his twin brother” – Khalil Gibran










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