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Enaam Wins German Championship at Ampfing

Enaam Masters Germany

Deutsche Kart Meisterschaft–Ampfing 2-4/5/14



Fresh from his win at the Super Masters Cup at La Conca last weekend, Enaam was invited to race in Germany, in Ampfing. This was part of the National German Series known as DKM (Deutsche Kart Meisterschaft). This series is noted for its varying tracks across Germany and Belgium. Although an unscheduled event in Enaam’s racing calendar, it would provide new challenges which would only help develop a more comprehensive driver. Racing on unknown tracks and against local more experienced drivers meant he had a lot to gain this weekend win or lose.


Friday morning, and the very tight and twisting track was proving to be a tough test for Enaam. The pressure was further increased as the Team learnt that Sebastian Vettel, the current Formula One World Champion, was competing at the event. Enaam would have to be outstanding to impress this crowd. During testing Enaam showed some consistency in clocking the top 5 fastest times.   Enaam persevered with his team analysing data and making mechanical tweeks to the kart but he kept falling short against the local drivers. He finished a poor 11th in qualifying. Disappointed but not defeated he worked through the night to hopefully improve in the heats on Saturday.




The rain on Saturday further dampened the RFM Team’s mood and Enaam knew he would have to race out of his skin to win in Ampfing. And that is exactly what he did! He drove two fantastic heats with perfectly executed starts, whilst making the relevant adjustments on course enabling him to win with a very wide margin. The pole position for the Pre Final on Sunday.

The sun was out on Finals day to greet the racers. With an 18 Degrees temperature, it meant Enaam would have to revert back to a dry weather style of driving. If he could master the two corners he would be a threat in the finals. The Pre Final begun well and Enaam managed to maintain the lead for the majority of the race. However, on the 19th lap a crafty manoeuvre by the 16 year old local driver Thomas Preining, knocked Enaam back into 2nd position, and this is how the race finished.  Enaam felt disappointed and patronised by Preining’s manoeuvre and wanted to settle the score in the final.

The Final started with Preining leading and continuously trying to play a “cat and mouse” style of game with Enaam. He would slow down to allow Enaam to get close, and then suddenly speed off again trying to deflate the fight out of Enaam. Karma prevailed as Preining’s cockiness eventually put him out of the race. As he was attempting to slow down his kart oiled up, and Enaam smartly adjusted his carburettor and overtook him. Preining was parked on the side whilst Enaam cruised to victory. Who had the last laugh? Enaams 17 point lead meant he was well on his way to winning the championship formally won by drivers such as Micheal Schumacher (1987), Nico Hulkenberg (2003), Sebastian Vettel (2001) and Robert Kubica (1999).




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