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The Champion of Champions. Champions Cup – La Conca, Muro Leccese

Following his recent Winter Cup victory all eyes were on Enaam Ahmed at the first major WSK KFJ Championships of 2014, held at La Conca. Italy.  Being favourite meant all the pressure was on him. An international field of  Seventy drivers had gathered at La Conca to stake their claim on the Champions Cup.  With Enaam firmly in their sights, the older drivers had a point to prove by putting this new kid in his place.  The Tournament was to take place over two legs during the two consecutive weekends.  The best placed driver over the two weekends would be crowned the winner of the Champions Cup.


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During the 1st Round heats Enaam faced some very harsh penalties from officials which forced him to start in the unfavoured outside grid positions.  Despite this disadvantage Enaam still managed to win one heat and gather top 5 positions in other heats.  In the pre-final Enaam started second alongside his former team mate Logan Sargeant (USA).  The race started and Enaam immediately took the lead lengthening the gap with his rapid pace and driving away from the field and crossing the line first.  All set for the Final of the 1st Round!

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The sun came out at last after some very changeable weather to greet the drivers for the Final. Starting on pole Enaam looked his usual cool, composed self.  The formation lap set off, and Enaam made sure his tyres were at the perfect temperature to help him gain the gap he needed at the start. Looking poised and uninhibited Enaam cruised away from the pack and into the lead leaving his competitors trailing. A euphoric celebration just before the finishing line demonstrated what this victory meant to him.  Enaam had gained maximum points for the 1st Round which meant he was in the lead with a considerable margin.

Round 2, the following weekend, events unfolded in very dramatic fashion for Enaam. Being the leader meant there was a huge target on his back, and the competition was now about to take on a completely different level. The ruthlessness and controlled aggression of the drivers was about to be displayed in its rawest form yet.



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Being in the first qualifying group and on a damp track meant Enaam had his work cut out. The second qualifying group meant the track was drier, therefore, faster times were clocked in this heat. Enaam qualified a disappointing 12th , and was feeling the strain. He knew he had to be explosive in the heats to finish at the front. The heats were ferocious and intense and Enaam seemed to be making some ground only later to be harshly given a 10 second penalty for contact with another driver. This meant his starting grid for the pre-final was 6th a very awkward outside position. Enaam was unhappy and having a nightmare out there. Was the huge burden of pressure getting to him?

Enaam chose to race the pre-final on old less grippy tyres whilst much of the competition opted for new tyres. Did they know something he didn’t? The race started and immediately Enaam was knocked back by the leading pack. Was the Championship slipping away? Was he going to allow his fate to be decided by others? Heck no! With all his grit and determination he began to pick of the competition one by one posting the fastest lap time. On the 10th lap of the 16 Enaam with unstoppable speed passed the leader creating a gap in the closing laps and crossing the line victorious. Gaining maximum points and further increasing his overall lead, Enaam needed to finish in the top 11 to take the Championship.

In the Final, Enaam started on the front row but on the outside.  He realised a steady finish and calm nerves would help him win the Championship.  The start was very aggressive and Enaam got caught up and was spun almost out of control. Enaam managed to control the spin with a cool head and was back in the race.  He was placed 20th but having the edge with his speed he managed to claw his way back to a very impressive 12th.  Time was running out for Enaam, and with one last attempt he sped past 3 more karts posting the fastest lap by 3 tenths of a second.  A thumbs up from the Team meant he was in a position to win the Championship.  He drove a sensible and cautious final lap crossing the line in 9th place.  Enaam Ahmed had won the Champions Cup!


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“A single footstep will not make a path on the earth, so a single thought will not make a pathway in the mind. To make a deep physical path, we walk again and again. To make a deep mental path we must think over and over the kind of thoughts we wish to dominate our lives.” Henry David Thoreau


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