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Youngest Brit Powers to Pole

WSK Final Cup – Castelletto. Italy 1-3 November 2013

The Grand Finale of the European Karting Championship saw Enaam Ahmed finish in pole position against a strong team of challengers from around the globe.   Dominating his heats throughout the weekend despite the difficult greasy conditions meant Enaam would start in pole position in the Final and last race of the WSK Calendar of 2013.  Enaam led from the start for the majority of the race but was hampered by the kart set up.  This meant he had to switch into defensive mode, however he still battled his way into fourth position, ahead of European Champion Lando Norris.   Impressing his Team Managers out of the Ricky Flynn Team and consistently being the highest finisher out of that Team.  

Losing a week due to School commitments meant Enaam was unable to test with his team members.  Nevertheless Enaam’s dexterity shone through in practice.  During his practice sessions on Thursday, Enaam was only one tenth of a second off the pace against his team members.  With rain being forecast for the weekend, Friday turned out to be a dry day.  Friday morning practices demonstrated his pace on new tyres would help with qualifying.   Strategic planning was key for a short circuit like Castelletto. In qualifying Enaam recorded the third quickest time out of eighty drivers.  This placed Enaam in the front row for all his four heats on Saturday and would help him avoid any collisions.  Enaam managed to finish 2nd in three heats and 3rd in the fourth heat, which meant he would start in pole for the pre-final on Sunday.

During the rainy Sunday morning practice Enaam posted the quickest time having never driven under these pressing conditions before on this track.   The sun came out but the track was still moist with a dry line.  The team chose slicks.  Enaam off pole had to use his limited experience to judge the speed because he would be the first kart to drive the difficult conditions. Not being intimidated by the threatening conditions Enaam started the pre-final with immense confidence and managed to pull a huge 5 second gap!   Pole for the final was secured!


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The sun broke through the mist and the track was back to normal in the afternoon.  The final being televised live and the pressure cooker atmosphere of the other 33 drivers meant the heat was on.  Enaam had to show nerves of steel to survive this race.  The lights went out and Enaam produced a spectacular start giving him a small lead.  Enaam increased the lead and it was looking like another  impressive win.   However mechanical set up meant Enaam’s kart was inevitably slowing.  Staying cool under such pressure Enaam diverted into defensive driving trying to resist being overtaken.   Even with his driving being faultless he was unable to stop some of the faster karts overtaking him.   Battling this for over 8 laps Enaam managed to maintain a satisfying 4th place.  “That was the hardest race I’ve ever done!” he said afterwards.   As in all motorsports,  equipment plays a major part in the race.  Enaam was forced to divert to defensive driving in order to maintain his position.


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 “We may encounter many defeats, but we must not be defeated” ( Maya Angelou)

Bring on Bahrain, The World Championships in 2 weeks!

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